We hope you enjoy drinking our wines as much as we have enjoyed making them!
Royal Hunter

Royal Hunter - Our Story

the purchase of 300 acres of land on the famous Hunter Valley, New South of Wales, saw the beginning of what has now become a diversified & successful enterprise... namely Royal Hunter.

The Hunter Valley is a well known agricultural centre. The fresh air, rich soils and temperate climate combine to make the region conducive to growing of plentiful crops and livestock.

WGrapes for Royal Hunter wines are carefully sourced & selected from world renowned neighboring wine regions. Carefully blended by experienced local winemakers, these wines reflect not only their quality ingredients but a combination of passion and knowhow.

We hope you enjoy drinking our wines as much as we have enjoyed making them.

Cellar Doors

Royal Hunter Winery

The setting - The Cellar Doors, Royal Hunter Winery were constructed in 1998 by local artisan stonemasons in the style of Barossa's early settlers. The Experience - Drink in the vineyard views from a number of great vantage points indoors on comfortable lounges or at outdoor tables shaded by the grapevine arbor while you enjoy a personal guided tasting, tailored to your taste and interests. And More - Take a break from your schedule to enjoy a glass of RH along with one of our regional food platters, all sourced from local artisan producers.

is exactly what you need

Export Service

Royal Hunter Winery

So they loved your wine and want to place an order! Not sure where to begin? Need assistance getting your product ready for export? Unsure of how to get your wine tasted and approved? What about customs?

Don not worries. Royal Hunter can handle all the necessary procedures to have your wine export compliant and ready for the world. Our professional export service includes everything needed to get your wine from your premises in Australia to your customer's door overseas.

Service Includes

Export compliance
Ocean and Air Freight
Marine Insurance
Export Documentation
Destination customs clearance

Our Region

Circuiting the eastern boundary of the city of Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills are part of the Mount Lofty Ranges. Stretching from the Barossa and Eden Valleys in the north to the boundaries of McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek in the south, the Adelaide Hills is one of South Australia's largest wine regions, as well as the oldest.

The veritable maze of valleys and sub-valleys, with slopes offering every conceivable aspect, means there is as much mesoclimatic variation as one can find anywhere in Australia, making generalisations very hazardous.

However, most of the Adelaide Hills has an unequivocally cool climate, with heat summations ranging from less than 1,300 at Stirling to 1,398 at Lenswood. It is not until one reaches the northern extremity of the region, and the west-facing slopes, that one moves out of a climate suited principally to the early-ripening varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, and into terrain which satisfactorily ripens Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Barossa Valley is Australia's best-known wine region. The Barossa Valley, with its strong German heritage is a place full of character. Most renowned for its opulent styles of Shiraz which is the best in the world, the region also produces fine examples of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonny.

The climate of the region has often been unfairly characterised as very warm but in its lower parts it is only moderately so and at higher altitudes quite cool. The region does have a wide diurnal temperature range, higher maxima, more sunshine and a much lower humidity and rainfall. All of this adds up to a continental climate ideal for full-bodied red wines, excellent fortified wines and generally robust white wines.

Coonawarra is an Aboriginal word meaning honeysuckle which is located in the southeast corner of south Australia state some 400 km from Adelaide. The region has a cool to warm continental climate, with a high diurnal range. The terra rossa soil produce the Australia's most outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon wines. This clay sits on top of welldraining limestone and quite often breaks though the red soil to produce a stony looking vineyard. Rain easily flows through to the limestone and therefore the soils are well drained, another aspect for guaranteeing high quality Cabernet Sauvignon grape production.

We have long nurtured our growers in this outpost of cool climate winemaking. The transitional soils typically produce aromatic wines of depth and complexity and this wine is no exception. Grown in an 'Australian sprawl', the fruit shows off the elegant vibrancy of Coonawarra and its signature variety - Cabernet Sauvignon.

Private Label

Your Branding

Many companies have recognized the benefit of establishing their own brand. Being the owner of the brand, price positioning, retail floor space positioning and marketing remains in complete control of you, the Brand owner. In addition you are guaranteed of ongoing regular supply of your own labeled?

Royal Hunter specializes in buyers own brand.

We also provide a complete EXPORT SERVICE to get the wine from your premises in Australia to your customer's door overseas-We do it all.

You don't have your own label design? No problem, we design concepts to suit Australian and international markets.


Global Distributors

Royal Hunter Wines portfolio is distributed in Australia by Fine Wines. Our wines are also available throughout the world from New Zealand, throughout Asia and the Pacific, the United Kingdom and Greater Europe, the United States and Canada. Select a region below for distributor contact details in your market.

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Austria and Eastern Europe
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